Monday, July 23, 2012

We won't use chemical weapons on our own people!

Who would believe a regime who says that it won’t use chemical weapons on its own people; a regime that is murdering its own people on a daily basis; a regime that is clearly in its last days; a regime that is haemorrhaging some of its top military personal as they see the light?
A regime that bombs and burns civilians cannot lay claim to ‘caring’ about its people. This regime could have stopped the slaughter and the dislocation of the people by accepting the fact that it has become irrelevant to the future of Syria, but it won’t--- for one simple reason---it will do anything to retain power for as long as it can, by any method. It knows that the members of the Government will not survive in a new Syria, so we are seeing the death-throes of a clique that is determined to take down as many of those seeking a new beginning as it can.
How can we not be fearful for what lays ahead in the next few weeks?

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