Monday, July 23, 2012

Asset sales are 'dead in the water Johnny---just stop this stupid process.

When is this stupid charade going to stop? Now, even big investors are crying foul about the ‘loyalty scheme,’ by which the Government is trying to keep the assets in NZ hands. It is going to cost every NZer $112. Why should the rest of us pay for this unpopular scheme? Why should all of those who against selling our assets be forced through government policy to unwittingly support this crazy idea?
Mr Key says that he is mandated to go ahead and force through the partial sale of State Assets. One could argue that he makes this link by the fact that his party won the most votes, but it is clear that the majority on NZers are against the sales. He is certainly not mandated to introduce this latest piece of stupidity.
Surely it is time for a massive backlash. The only way we can show our displeasure is to get out in the streets. So far, the numbers have been less than impressive. I believe that even  Johnny will take note if enough of us get out there. What’s happened to that petition?

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