Monday, July 23, 2012

I received a warm-fuzzy today.

As some of you know, I work as a counsellor in a large Auckland school. I am also a Tutor-teacher--- that’s just another name for a ‘Form teacher’ in NZ. I don’t actually teach as my main duty in the school is to counsel the students, families and staff.
You would have hardly missed my other interest; namely, I write books and two of them happen to be in the school library. Of course I didn’t make them pay! --- I gave them the books and as it turns out I may have to give them some more.
Today I received the usual list of things that Tutor-teachers receive—lateness notes for students and various other bits and pieces. Amongst them was a note from the library asking me to tell one of my students that she had a book overdue and could she please return it. I took a closer look.
I was pleased, flattered and couldn’t help giggle. How could I tell the young person off? ----IT WAS FOR MY BOOK---‘ROSKILL’
My solution--- a one-off one?  I shall give the young student a copy of Roskill---- but she still has to return the other one.
Is this a moment I should treasure? --- Hell yes.

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