Saturday, July 14, 2012

People power-- things could change if we all----

Fantastic--- when a group of thieves ran off with property that they had stolen from a Newmarket shop, they ran into (literally) a group of people who made a decision that the thieves would not get away with their booty.
Three people combined to make sure that the car the thieves were travelling in was going no further. Not only was it a ‘citizens’’ response, it was also an international effort. A huge Ukrainian weightlifter joined forces with the locals and when the thieves tried to run away, they met with more than they could handle. While one got away, the other two (they had the audacity to ‘complain’ about their rough treatment) were grounded and held until the police arrived.
What a refreshing story. We all end up paying more because of these useless low-lives. Let’s see more of this ‘grass-roots’ action and make NZ a better place.

Now I suppose the courts will smack them with a floppy bus ticket!

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