Saturday, July 14, 2012

When are they going to learn? Don't flee the police!

Call them what you like----‘boy racers,’ ‘fleeing joyriders,’ drunken idiots or just people trying to get away from police. Tragically, the results are so often the same when any of the above decides to flee the police and end up wrapped around a power pole or some other object. Unfortunately it can often be another car, compounding the tragedy by killing other innocent people.
Whether the drivers of these cars fleeing the police are being egged on by their passengers or they are acting under the influence of booze or drugs, the result is the same---death and carnage on our roads and grieving families left to deal with the results.
No one wants to see people die but it all comes down to a few salient facts. It is the drivers and occupants of these cars who must take the blame. The police are going about their jobs and they have policies about how they handle fleeing cars. There is a very delicate balancing act that they have to go through. Do they just let these people carry on driving; putting others at risk or do they decide to actively pursue the cars? It seems that they cannot win which ever decision they make.
There is a certain amount of risk involved when the police decide to chase a car that is trying to elude them. Often they have received reports about the said cars being driven in a dangerous or erratic manner. Once the driver of these cars decides to outrun the police then the blame has to rest on them for the resulting crashes. That they have partaken in drinking or other substances is their choice. They made the choice right from the time they took their first drink of the evening or when they decided to take a group of friends in the car ‘for a spin’ that involves dangerous driving.
I am sick of the public and the police being put at risk. The rest follows from that point. Run from the police and you set in motion a series of events that so often end up in death. STOP BLAMING THE POLICE!

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