Thursday, July 19, 2012

I fear for Syria.

The situation in Syria is descending onto hellish civil war where there will be no winner; only losers. The vast majority of ordinary Syrians will pay the price, because as usual, the rich and influential will just take planes, ships and cars out of the country and wait until things ‘settle down.’
We are hearing disturbing reports of atrocities being committed on both sides. Isn’t this the way of civil wars? Has not history shown how depraved people can become as the rule of law (even the cruel law of Assad) breaks down?
Families are often unable to move away from the violence and if they are in the way of the military or the ‘rebels’ and if they don’t show their support, they run the risk of being gunned down or worse. That Syria is plunging towards an abyss is now more than likely. I am saddened at the inaction of the UN; China and Russia of course are blocking moves to even ‘talk about the issue.’
There is no clear united ‘opposition’ to Assad, once he has fallen. It is all too easy to oppose and fight, but once one dictator is tumbled, we will see another power- hungry despot move in to take his place. It may be a fundamentalist Islamic regime or an equally corrupt tribal group.
Syria has suffered enough. I hope I am wrong and that we see something more representative of the vast majority of Syrians--- someone who offers a real future for Syria. I am not confident.

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