Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The end is nigh but what is to come in Syria?

It seems that even in Damascus, the entrenched regime can be targeted. How much longer can the ruling clique (for four decades now) survive an ever increasing pressure to resign? If they don’t then they will probably perish at the hands of a diverse opposition.
That the end is nigh is obvious but what is not so clear is who will take possession of the baubles of power? There is no guarantee that this war-torn nation will be delivered into the hands of democratic governance. Waiting in the wings are a variety of groups, manoeuvring themselves into positions of influence.
No doubt the ‘West’ would like to see a democracy modelled on their perceptions, but the situation in Syria is far more complex. Don’t be surprised if the influence of Iran, Iraq and other less reputable groups (based on previous experiences) force their way into power. What will have been gained for the Syrian people then? I fear deeply for the ordinary citizen of this country. Get rid of the present regime---but the troubles are not over.

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