Monday, July 9, 2012

'Bath salts'--a nasty new kid on the block!

If you thought that ‘P’ (Methamphetamine) and various other drugs were bad, then think again. “Bath salts,’ an innocuous name for something really nasty has arrived in New Zealand. The USA has been aware of it for up to a year. When I read my friends’ ‘posts’ in the USA (from the Liberal Thoughts group I am in), talking about ‘people eating off someone’s face, I thought they were kidding in some bizarre way. You know what we sometimes think--- ‘only on America.’ Well I was wrong to think like that and I apologize to my friends.
They were describing the ‘act’ of someone thought to be on that terrible new weirdly named synthetic new drug—Bath salts--- the street name. It is a synthetic drug with the power to lock into the brain the effects of something much like Cocaine, but it takes ages for the person to ‘come down and the high is much more intense.’
The person on it can have superhuman strength (much-like but worse than ‘P’) to the point that New Zealand’s first reported case needed to be tasered twice, pepper sprayed and then put into restraints in order to protect themselves and the police trying to control him.
What is it going to be like for the friends, families and workplaces and God help us--- the classrooms, if this revolting new drug becomes the ‘drug of choice’ for those misplaced, stupid and unknowing young (and not so young) people seeking new ‘highs?’
President Obama today signed a Bill outlawing all of these synthetic drugs that have appeared in the shops in the USA. Good for him and for the USA.
We need our politicians to act now (today) and immediately outlaw this drug here. Apparently it is freely available.
Yes--- not everyone reacts in this over the top, dangerous way, but we cannot standby and talk about ‘freedom of choice’ and see yet another mean and nasty substance, poison the lives of our people. I know that Peter Dunne was quickly onto other substances and had them banned, but the ‘manufacturers’ just change the makeup of the drugs and they are out there on the streets and in our shops (We call these local convenience stores--- Dairies in NZ)  very quickly.
I know that Peter had come in for some flack on other issues (Asset sales etc.) in NZ, but on this he has been pretty good. So--- come on Peter Dunne--- get your act together and ban this evil substance and keep up with the play.
We don’t need people eating one another’s’ faces off here. Hell, we have enough who are ‘off their faces’ as it is!

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