Monday, July 9, 2012

Opposition to the resumption of whaling gains momentum in South Korea.

Great--- the media in South Korea are coming out against the abhorrent practice of whaling for so-called ‘Scientific’ purposes, just like Japan has done for decades. Perhaps they can ignite public opinion in this proud nation and really make a difference. Hopefully that will ‘spill-over’ to Japan and the nations of Europe (Iceland and Norway) who needlessly slaughter these magnificent beasts.
None of these nations are dependent on this ‘protein source’ to meet the needs of their people. Now that the issue is firmly in front of the South Korean people, I am sure that they will act in ways that we have seen in the past, when democracy was in its infancy. They will not shirk their responsibilities to stand firm against their Government’s plans.
There is a uniquely Korean way of making the thoughts of the ‘people’ known. Just think of those images of brave students and workers, lining up AGAINST THE POLICE, striving for a better life for the Korean People. I think that South Korea has ‘come of age.’
When a nation cares about the ‘denizens of the depths’ and puts into action a process to challenge their government, well--- there is hope for us all. Carry the flag and know that many in other nations are with you. One day we will be able to relax in the knowledge that the only shooting of whales is with cameras, but in the meantime, all strength to the forces that matter in South Korea.

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