Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes---- they walk amongst us---a sad truth!

It’s true---they came to earth eons ago and they go by many names. In New Zealand they are called the National or Act Parties; in the USA, they are the Republicans. Our Aussie bros call them the Liberals, a totally ridiculous name for a party of the right. One more example---the Conservatives in the UK.
You must learn to recognize them, because they may even live with you or perhaps cohabitate with your adult children. Over the years they have gathered a great deal of power, usually at the expense of the greater masses. They can even persuade enough of us to vote them into positions of power whereby they wreak havoc on the ever suffering majority. They have learnt and employed tactics that guarantee that they need not give up their sacred positions.
Sometimes, they are able to garner enough influence to steal from us. They convince the public that they know best and before we know it, gains we have made in many sectors of our economies are reversed. Often it is too late to reverse their policies because have become entrenched in ways that make turning towards a better future, nigh on impossible to achieve.
However, they have underestimated the undying will of the people to fight back. There are many examples in history where such events have occurred. Take Micky Savage’s Labour party of the 1930’s and 40’s. We had a prolonged period of enlightenment, until even that Party turned inwards and resembled the very ‘aliens’ they had fought so hard against.
 The time has come again to dig deep and to unite those forces who see a bright future; one based on fairness and equality of access to the richness that makes up our planet.
Be strong my friends and BLOODY WELL GET OUT there on July the 14th for the day of action against this alien philosophy as espoused by the NATIONAL Government.

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