Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm a techno-phobe---just need a geek!

I was dumb and signed a two year contract with Vodafone and received a free Galaxy Ace- All I had to do was pay $70 a month for two years. Dumb eh, especially when I have found that I can hardly use it and will probably never use most of the Aps (is that right word--- I sound like Miranda). I have had it for a month and I won’t even start to describe how useless I have been. I have even asked my kids in the tutor class I take (I am a full-time school counsellor, but have a tutor class) to show me.
 They were so cool and patient; much more so than they say their teachers are!. Kids are like that though eh. They make good teachers.
OK; so I set off and try to use the phone, but I haven’t really improved.
Today I rang Vodafone to discuss my options. I could terminate but that would cost me more than $700. Not a good move. The advice I got--- find a geek and make better use of my phone.
OK--- I give in. I have to join the techno age and learn. One thing they told me was that I could learn how to link my phone with my Laptop and use the date a have and then utilize the internet while I am away, rather than use those very expensive devices you shove in the side of the laptop--- Hell I remember using the ‘loading ‘ in about an hour last time.
Please find geek person--- and soon!

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