Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I would really like some feedback--19,000 hits

Thank you for the support you have given by reading my blogs. You are reading ‘me’ from a huge range of countries.
What I would really like is to hear from you, either as a comment, but if you would rather do that privately, use my email address
I would like to know how you are going with my ‘book blogs.’  Feedback please--- good or bad!
Look out for my new website soon. It is www.authorneilcoleman.com
Hopefully it should be active once my three current books have been reprinted and proofread. It will be under my control this time and I should avoid some of the issues that plagued me when I began this journey. PLEASE PASS THE WEBSITE THROUGH TO AS MANY OF YOUR CONTACTS (THROUGH FACEBOOK, Linked in etc.) as you can.


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