Monday, June 25, 2012

One Last plea to Peter Dunne

Ok Peter, I'm sorry I said those bad things about you. We know you just want this to all go away. the assets are going to be 'partially sold.' We know that now. We know the government is not going to repsond to any citizens referendum. We know that national is using it's victory in the last election as a mandate for selling the assets. You bedfellow, Johny be Good thinks that his Party achieved more than enough to  say that NZ is behind him. He asys that we don't undersatnd the partialization aspect of the sale. How bloody patronizing!

Peter, its not too late. I kn ow you will never read this but you will reap the consequences for your actions. Kiss your political butt goodbye. You did this all for the short-tern gain oyu recive by licking the---of the government. Rest in political oblivion.

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