Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fair enough mate!

Good on ya mate. I don’t blame you getting pissed off with the possibility of 1000 Kiwis coming on over to Aussie and taking your jobs. I may not know all the facts but I too would be pretty damn annoyed if something like that happened in NZ. For example, if the NZ Government wanted to get back at teachers because we (along with the parents of the kids) once gain forced them to do a U-turn on their recently announced policy on class size and teacher quality.
 Let’s say they advertised teaching positions overseas and recruited cheaper teachers to come and fill the gaps or to make the Education dollar go further. Wouldn’t teachers here then be most put out? OK the same goes for the Aussie situation where some of your companies are actively trying to recruit NZers to fill ‘gaps’ in your labour force. They are trying to circumvent training Ausies who with a bit of training could be employed.
Good on you Unions for letting your feelings known. I don’t want Kiwis taking Aussie jobs. Hell, you have enough of us over there already. I also don’t want Kiwi workers going to Australia and then facing the crap that will be thrown at them.
Yes Australia will continue to be attractive to NZers but this latest move is wrong.  Let’s keep a balance eh mates.

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