Thursday, June 7, 2012

90 day trial period can have hooks!

 Do you remember when the 90 day trial period for new workers was being discussed? People argued that bad employers would use this legislation for their own ends, but the Government said that we should trust the processes.
Well if you read today’s herald you will see what can go terribly wrong for an employee. That this particular case resulted in a Personal Grievance case and that the employee received compensation for wrongful dismissal does not  make me feel more comfortable about the legislation.
 There is no guarantee that all workers have access to the same result as this young waitress. I shudder when I think of smaller work places and the pressures and infringement of workers’ rights that are occurring. Yes I have heard the arguments that the law protects workers too much and that employers should be able to dismiss workers for ‘bad practice.’ But, we need to ensure that all processes are followed and that both parties follow the law.
Not every case of wrongful dismissal works out like this, because many people who are dismissed simply accept their fate. I hope this result focuses attention back on to the way the law is supposed to work; in the interest of workers and employers. I am worried that the balance has turned against some workers.

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