Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't celebrate yet my friends!

I see some people are jumping with joy at the announcement of our ‘victory’ and back down from the Minister of Education. Well, I hate to be a profit of doom, but the battle is far from over. This was just a skirmish, because the only reason the Government backtracked was that even they could not ignore what was plainly obvious. Most NZers do not want bigger classes. Most of the reasoning behind that is based on fairly simple logic and in this case there was groundswell of public opinion that was unstoppable. God knows where it was heading.
The Government saw that is was going to be bashed about in the polls and that is the only reason they have changed their mind on the issue we raised, They have not abandoned their political goals though so don’t for one minute relax your stance re education, health and asset sales. Those agendas are alive and well.
Maybe they will be a little more careful about how they approach their next moves, but we can be sure that there will be a new announcement, probably wedged in between an issue that will be taking the public’s eye from the one one they are really promoting. It’s a bit like that scene in Lord of the Rings (part 3) where the’ eye’ turned and at that moment the hobbits were able to sneak in and crash the tower.
So be aware and keep building our ‘peoples’ movement.  We have the means now to stay in touch and keep abreast of developments in a way that we (read oldies) never had in our day. Everything moves at a faster pace now and we can use that to our advantage. Within minutes, groups can be in touch with one another and plan to stop ‘bad government actions.’ It is great to see people who thought they had a ‘use before date,’ tattooed on their foreheads, coming back onto the scene. It is as if they have reinvented themselves. Long may this continue. Hell, we have to have something to do in our dotage, so any government ignoring people power has a shock coming.

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