Friday, May 4, 2012

At least Taiwan can read me--what--

Welcome Taiwan-- at least you can read my blog--- what does that tell you about your big neighbour? If anyone wants to make a comparison of 'freedoms,' then there we have it. I dearly want China to enter a world where their citizens can take for granted the rights that your country has so strongly developed over the last ten years.  Maybe you are headed for a reunification of sorts and it may take the form of the model we see in Hong Kong. Well, I must say that they read my blogs so there is hope yet in 'big brother China.'
I would love to enter inot dialogue with you my new friend(s), so get your fingers going and 'Talk To Me,' ---- hehehe that's the title for one of my books--- read it for free online in my blogs and click on the adverts so that I can continue to publish my books via the internett. I have an enormous way to go yet.

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