Friday, May 4, 2012

SkyCity thinks we are stupid! ( and Update at bottom of page)

Maybe they are correct--- we are stupid if we believe their latest defence of their non-compliance with the requirement for them to reach out and ban ‘problem gamblers.’
Of course that is not going to happen. Why would they bar money coming through the door? Why would they bite then hand that feeds them? The reports on TV were laughable if it wasn’t for the harm that problem gambling causes. I regularly see the damage it causes to families in NZ.
The Casino says that they have identified more problem gamblers than ever in the last year, but they don’t say that the numbers they have not ‘helped’ has gone up by a far larger number. The numbers quotes are probably far smaller than the real figure--- let’s face it--- how many people are going to be admitting that gambling is a problem for them
The problem gambler is no different to other people who have some sort of compulsion, be it food, drugs, alcohol or any form of addiction. The ‘source’ may differ but similar brain patterns operate. All cause damage to families, but much more is known and accepted as problematic than with gambling. Shame is the key factor. The results for non-gambling are more obvious than the damage gambling inflicts, for a while at least.
As with smoking and alcohol, the Government reaps the tax dollar (in other words the rest of us) and to an extent can then help with the downstream damage; pouring resources into social services. Other non-governmental agencies will probably receive ‘guilt-money from SkyCity and will no doubt make sure we all know.
Imagine what could happen if the Government put massive amounts of money into publicizing the down-side of gambling in all of its forms? There is nothing n new about the comments being made by those who see the ‘evil affects’ of gambling. The same voices have been with us throughout our history.  What is different about the SkyCity fiasco is that the debate is so much more public.
I predict that the furore will bounce around until it dies for a while. That’s what SkyCity wants. Look out for some more crazy and baseless announcements. All aimed at protecting their bottom-line----- PROFIT. Am I against profit--- not---- just the bullshit that goes with it to justify their right to wreak havoc in our community?

Each time I write a piece on SkyCity, amnother article appears in newspapers on or TV. All that does is to make mtore angry at thier cynical, money first, stuff the affects on our clinets approach. Do yu realllt think that a bit of 'blood money' is going to make iota of difference? I think I am talking myslef inot quite a state. The power of the pen is greater than the sword?  Doubt it--- maybe we need a modern day Jesus to go in and smite the money-makers--- just joking--- am I?

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  1. Hell---- I hope they don't put SkyCity adverts on here--- wouldnt that take the cake. Don't worry--- I still have a wicked sense of humour.