Sunday, April 8, 2012

When everyone's on holiday--it's not a holiday!

Perhaps I am being a sanctimonious twit (now that should get you going), bit I am happily ensconced in my sunny lounge, with ‘Miranda’ playing in the background, quite unusual for a male, I am multitasking---that is writing this blog at the same time.
I wrote a blog a few weeks ago asking, ‘Who had stolen New Zealand’s summer?’ Well, it appears that who it was, has decided to stop the suffering and given us some sort of summer back, even if it is only for a few weeks, before plunging into a late autumn and winter. So far, the Easter break has been a succession of glorious days, with temperatures reaching into the 20’sC and blue skies to complete the perfection.
Joining New Zealand’s version of a British Bank Holiday Weekend is not my cup of tea. No—I do not fancy, sitting in a long line of cars, trucks, caravans and near ‘road rage,’ occupied vehicles in general. OK, that means one would be delayed about an hour, then the traffic flows normally. Still---- the very thought is enough to keep me nearer home at these times. The benefit is that Auckland’s traffic is bearable. The only logjams are in and around shopping malls when they open for their Easter sales. Avoid the malls, and trips across Auckland to beaches parks or friends are actually quite pleasant. During the Christmas Holidays this peaceful time extends to several weeks--- take the hint, would-be tourists and come at those times.
Mind you, I did choose to travel to Hamilton yesterday, but that was in the middle of the Easter break, a day before the hordes return home. Now I am looking at Perdy, twisting her head in that endearing way, trying to understand my ramblings. I just asked her what she would like to do today. I mention the word ‘beach’ and her tail wags. If you haven’t figured out who Perdy is by now, then I shall leave you wondering who I keep for company--- should raise a few questions eh.

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