Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Title sucks---I know -- I shall change it!

OK-- I know---the title to the book I formerly called The River Always Flows, sucks big time. This is where you come in. Read the first chapter and give me some ideas. No--- or maybe yes--- Perhaps I could call it 'Dead Cat Pie For Lunch.'  I was amazed at the hits that little blog got (but not clicked on in the adsence). Have a read of the first chapter and get back to me. Those of you reading my blogs via Facebook and Twitter--- please do the same.

A word about the Adds. It seems that Google has put some on about online dating and meeting Russian Women. (Hell--- if you are gonna do that--- stick on the complete spectrum).  That may explain why I have so many hits from Russia. Sorry dears,  I'm not in the market. Mind you, I may also be very wrong and soon some of my friends in Mother Russia will repsond and enter into a dialogue, just like my increadibly stimulating new USA friends. I am not getting away with any ioncorrect statements with them. God---- they are such a refreshing group--- the experience has renewed my faith in humanity. They can even read my terrible typing. I have self-diagnised my condition. It is 'Technological Dyslexia'.

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