Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To fellow bloggers-- are you using AdSense?

Hi to all of my fellow bloggers. What drives you to embark on this ‘hobby?’ For me--- it is similar to someone who loves to do crosswords, or loves to entertain friends with their fabulous recipes. I must say that there is a bit of me in the latter. I would almost go as far as saying that it is an addiction once you get hooked.
I have monetized my blog and I have probably reached some sort of threshold. For quite a few months, I did not achieve any financial gain, but lately there has been a miniscule amount of money accruing in m y account with AdSense. I suspect that it is a numbers game and people must have their ad bars activated in order for them to click on the adverts.
 I have also noticed that the type of adverts can be chosen and changed by the blogger (me) and that the adverts can reflect what the blog is about. There is a category that covers social media sites and chat rooms along with some rather ‘interesting’ ones that I would call--- quite ‘out there.’
Initially I was a little reluctant to have these attached to my blogs but I think that most of the tiny income I have received may have been a result of people clicking on them. I may have to go back on my ‘moralistic’ stand, which is a little silly, given that I met my partner on such a site about 9 years ago.
I would love to know what you think.
Happy blogging.

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