Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snitch GPS causes red faces after sundown!

Should we laugh at the ineptitude of the explanation given by an Auckland towing firm or should we just throw up our hands in horror? I am sure we haven’t heard the last of this story.
It seems that a young lady had her car impounded for 2i8 days because of ‘boy racer’ activities. From time to time this popular youth pass time rears its ugly head. Of course the supporters of such activities say they are just having a bit of harmless fun.’ That’s a bit rich, especially if you are an innocent driver caught up in the middle of the said racing, or if you happen to be the parent of someone killed during the execution of the said activities.
Back to the young lady--- the owner of the impounded car. Unknown to the towing company, the Nissan car had a GPS ‘Snitch’ aboard, which allows the owner to track where the car is, how fast it is going and when it was travelling.
It appears that the car left the tow yard and travelled at excessive speeds in a 50 kl zone.  The Snitch recorded speeds of just over 100kl per hour.
‘Rubbish,’ claimed the firm. The driver of the towing truck said that he was following a suspicious character who had been stalking the yard. It must have been quite sight--- the towing truck travelling that fast in such a short distance in an urban area. The truck must have been super-charged. The firm also claimed that the GPS system was inaccurate, a claim most strenuously denied by the company selling the device.
The police have been informed and I reckon there will be a few red faces. Make sure you don’t let your ‘boy racing ‘car be taken away, only to be involved in the very activity your car was imprisoned for. Maybe the towing company had let itself out on probation or early parole.

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