Monday, April 9, 2012

Not one person killed on our roads this long weekend

What a wonderful day to wake up this sunny (again!) Tuesday morning. You may have heard by now--- but we did not have one fatality on the roads. This figure is the lowest since records began in the 1050’s. No that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have cars back then, but it a tremendous result. There are many reasons for this.
1) The roads are better.
2) Our cars are safer now, with better breaking etc.
3) There has been a huge effort to educate the public to drive more safely---speed and alcohol         free driving.
4) Police have been out in force, with little tolerance for more a few kilometres over the limit.
5) The weather has been superb.

Long may this last. The only down side to this weekend’s figures is that 5 people drowned. The same beautiful weather brought people out in droves to our beaches, hence the exposure to the often dangerous rips. Perhaps the lifeguards were not on duty at those beaches and NZers’ love affair with boats and sailing would have been a factor. I know for sure that the traffic was well down in Auckland, so we know where a few million people went--- to the beaches, lakes and rivers.

Now, wouldn’t it have been great if our optimism was reflected everywhere--- like in those parts of the world where the bomb and gun rules; where governments shoot and maim their own people, where religious intolerance forces people to live lives where fear is paramount.

If only we could feel that people could believe in the word, ‘hopeless, minus the less.’

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