Monday, April 9, 2012

Do Australians love Kiwis?

Well that depends on who is asking and under what circumstances. If we are beating them at rugby or cricket, then the answer is somewhat skewered. It is pretty obvious that Aussies hate being beaten by their little cousins across the ditch. If the reverse is happening, then, yes they love us, because they have us just where they want us----below a peg or two.
They certainly don’t love us when Kiwis figure in their crime statistics. Why would they? There is enough crime there without us going and joining in, although I would hypothesise that Kiwis are not disproportionately represented in illegal acts. I think that most of the Kiwis heading to the land of OZ are some of our best. It is more than greener pastures they seek. They are looking to put their toes in a bigger pond. Maybe they are seeking to leave behind, aspects of their own country that have gotten stuck in their collective craws.
Part of me has wanted to try the big country to our west, but I am not easily disposed to up roots and move anywhere at my stage in life. One of my dreams is to rent a campervan and travel around and across the continent, probably in a convoy of about 5 vehicles. I don’t fancy such a proposition on my own. I know what my mechanical skills are like and I would also wish to have a local as part of this convoy, experienced in the ways of the Aussie flora and fauna.
For me it all comes down to----yes I love the ‘over there’ but I belong ‘over here.’
Hugs to you, Aussie coussies.

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