Thursday, April 26, 2012

I think I am in one of those 'reflective' moods.

I feel a little ‘reflective ‘today. I am at home because of the events I described in my last blog, so go and check it if you want the full picture. I don’t want to sit around all day, even if I could but going to work is also uncomfortable too. Oh well. Thank goodness it’s Friday so I have the weekend to mend.
Maybe I shall read my kindle, but Perdy is already sizing me up with one of her looks, soon to be matched by her nudging me or licking me as is to say---hey--- you have had enough rest--- get off your ass. The spelling is for my American friends.
I want to stand---no I don’t---I want to sit---no---how about laying on the bed—buggered if my body knows what it wants to do.
Ah----I could watch one of the movies I reordered, and then I keep thinking about work. I have had a text already and I have left a message or two about some things that needed doing.
Look at those dishes on the sink. I keep saying that if we don’t do them immediately after we eat, they tend to stack up like something you see on TV about student flats. I threaten to buy another dishwasher but every time I save the money for one, another expense appears; usually for a more serious option--- hey bills are not options are they?
Perdy--- for God’s sake--- stop looking at me like I’m gonna jump up and take you out---- no it ain’t gonna happen----yet. Maybe this afternoon, I can take you to the bay and let you out to run and play with the other dogs--- but don’t expect much from me, and you better come back when I call. Oops--- you will either have to pick up your own poo or do it on the sly, where no one can see.
At this rate I will end up going into work---there goes the phone--- lucky my mouth isn’t injured.

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