Thursday, April 26, 2012

A word about 'Roskill,'--available here as a blog-- chapter by chapter.

Methamphetamine goes by different names around the world. Here in New Zealand we call it ‘P.’ Whatever the name, it is a scourge on society, being responsible breaking up families and ruining businesses. Much of the crime against individuals is fuelled by the ‘need’ to feed the habit of the burglar or mugger. They see only the cash that will help them to their next hit.
This is the background for the family featured in ‘Roskill.’
Read it as I release it, chapter by chapter. Get your kids to read it, because it is written in a style, more appropriate for teenagers. Of course many adults are enjoying the book, knowing that it tells the story, sim ply and not without humour. The online version may differ a little from the printed version that I no longer have control of. If enough people wish to buy a copy, I will process a new release.
Please hit on and use the adverts. That is what allows me to continue to release my books in this manner. Pass the link on to as many of your friends as you can.

With thanks
Neil Coleman

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