Friday, March 30, 2012

Poor Perdy

Perdy is feeling bad today. Actualy she has been doing this weird hacking coughing for the last day or so. She seemed to have heaps of energy and was eating well, so I decided to wait ofr a while. She has something similar last year and I took her the emergency vet. They didn't give a clear diagnosis and sent us away, but on the proviso that she didn't have any contact with other dogs. It could have been a mild Kennel Cough.
Well this time she is throwing up a frothy white fluid and then settling again. She has all the right injections so if it is KC it should be mild.
No--- I'm not waiting. She means so much to us and we hate to see her sad. It's off ot the vet at Animates at 3.30. I know some of you folow the blogs about Perdy, so don't worry (lke I am!) I owuld put her before my own comfort anytime.  For those of you who know me well, you know that to be a fact. Why am I doing this blog--- because its only abut 2 PM and I'm filling in time. I dopn't wnat to take her there yet---- I will reallly will portray and over anxious, over-the-top pet owner---- or should I say----Parent.  I shall let you know the verdict later.

I took Perdy to the vets at Animates in Mt Eden Rd. Perdy threw-up just as she got out of the car. I took her in and she would not cough. Luckilly the receptionsist had heard her on the phone when I rang. The lovely vet (actuallly all the staff there are reallly understanding--- I think they are as affected by the animals' distress as much as we are) examined Perdy  and found the usual fleas. We are going to experiment with a pill that allows Perdy to carry on swimming. Apparently constant swimming halves the effectiveness of the stuff you stick on the neck---so maybe she will have better treatment now.
Remember I said that Perdy threw-up by the car---- I mentioned that--- so what does she do--- the vet I mean? She accompanys me back to the car, gets down on her knees and starts poking around in the vomit. That's gotta be the definition for Vet of the month award! Not only does she reallly get stuck in--- she takes what could be a long worm to examine under the mocroscope. The verdict?---- it looked like vegetative matter, with little back- sloping hooks, that could easily cause discomfort to the throat. However  Perdy then started to cough again and the diagnosis is heasding back towards Kennel Cough.
We are treating her with some antibiotics and anti-inflmatory stuff. It will take a while for the cough to go away, but with the pill for the fleas,she will be able to swim again in a few days. I won't take her to see her mates down at the Onehunga Lagoon for a day or too, but she will get her leashed walks.
All up---- didn't cost that much and my little Perdy is insured anyway.
I am really happy with the way this company has handled Perdy and my otherr Pets. THEY CARE!  GO ANIMATES. I hope my lovely vet isnt embarrassed by my description, cause I think she is going to read this. She Rocks.

(9pm Sat NZ Time)   Perdy had her medication, but still throwing up. Poor little thing even goes outside when she starts that horrible coughing, then comes back in and tucks herself up with Rio. She keeps looking at me with those beautiful sad eyes, imploring me to make it all go away. We will give her the medication in the morning.

(7.30 Sunday morning )  Perdy got up many times in the night. I could hear her start coughing and then running out through the cat door-- Poor wee thing. We gave her her Medicarion this morning and she wanted to eat too. Her tail wags despite her discomfort. I don't think I will take her far and people look at me if as if I am an abuser when she coughs in public. Oh--- she's barking at the cat too, so maybe she's feeling a little better. I may take her out later, after I have cleaned all the yucky stuff off the car properly.
PS-- I DID NOT USE WORD TO DO THIS SO THERE ARE BOUND TO BE ERRORS--LOL We all know what my typing is like.


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