Friday, March 30, 2012

Daylight saving--'Fall back and spring forward.'

I am glad daylight saving is ending tonight. I have been finding it increasingly difficult dragging myself out of bed at 5.20 in the morning. That extra hour will make all the difference---for a while. I am usually pretty good at getting up early. Hell—for a while there I was walking Perdy at some crazy hour each morning--- that lasted about three weeks, so maybe now I can do it again for a while. I know it benefits both of us.
There is of course a ‘down-side.’ It gets darker quicker and by the time the middle of winter arrives, some grey days mean that it’s dark at 5. It is even more dramatic in the far south--- but of course they get those wonderful long nights in the summer--- swings and round abouts.
I remember all the kafuffle when daylight savings was first mooted in the sixties. Do you remember that song by Sandy Edmonds—? ‘Hey Daylight savings time---’ unfortunately it didn’t work--- we didn’t get it. The arguments put forward were ridiculous--- ‘the cows wouldn’t adjust and plants wouldn’t grow---give me a break--- there are some dumb asses out there eh.
I do of course have sympathy for the mums trying to put their kids down (Oooo--- that sounds bad) for the night in the middle of summer, but overall I think most of us love the long evenings. What a contrast that must represent for those who never see their homes in the daylight, in the middle of winter (during the working week- that is).
I guess daylight savings is here to stay, but like all things seasonal, we have to make the best of it. Make the change a reason for a nice meal or a celebration. We need excuses for that.

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