Friday, March 30, 2012

Phill Goff Dropped in today---Onehunga Foreshore--part 4

Phill Goff was in my area today and he popped in to see me. We go back a long way (school ect), so it was great to see him. I must say he looked bloody relaxed--- I am sorry he didn't win, becuase he would have made a great PM but that's OK--- He is going to be rthe best local MP along with his obvious atributes in his 'shadow area' in Foreign Affairs. I think I need to say that he is no snake in the grass like his Australian counterpart.

Naturaly, I had to bring up the Onehunga Foreshore issue. Wow--- he was onto it---well informed and making enquiries. He was a step ahead of me for each of my concerns. he knew about the discharges and who to talk to. He is meeting with a reporter (Rhiannon Horrell) next Moday on the foreshore on the other side of the motorway. If anyone can get some traction and keep the wider picture re the environment in focus, it is Phill.
  Good on ya mate!

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