Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sons of Orpheus. Book One, The Arrival.

    At long last. Sons of Orpheus has been ten years in the making. Stop, start, rewrite .,, stop again ... until my friends in The Thames Writers Group encouraged me to resurrect my script, and get it out there.
    I am about to upload the book onto Amazon. If you like historical novels, maybe this is for you. Although Sons of Orpheus (SOO) is a Young Adult novel, it has appeal for older readers, who love New Zealand history. SOO is 'creative nonfiction,'  in that the storyline is based around historical facts, but the characters are predominantly fictional.
    New Zealand history has almost exclusively been written by the victims of the Colonial Wars. It has only been recently that a more balanced version has been acknowledged. SOO is a story of the clash of cultures; the pain, loss, love and adventures of three main characters, expanding across the Pacific, but always hinging on the Settlement of Onehunga and the growing city of Auckland.
    SOO is a three-part saga. Book One: The Arrival sets the scene. The script reached the finals of a writer Festival,'  about eighteen months ago. The final results are pending. SOO needs to launch. Thus the imminent release as an E-book. You will have the option of preordering. If you have a device you can do it. You will be able to download a free APP from my website ( and following the links from Neils Book. You will also be able to search Amazon Books and enter the title. Please share this.

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