Thursday, December 19, 2019

Here's the link to my new book, folks.
Sons of Orpheus  (Book 1- The Arrival)
In 1863, The Orpehues was sent to New Zealand to patrol the Waikato Heads, to stop Maori Waka (war canoes) from attacking Auckland. The Settpelrs were demanding land and that land was NOT theirs. What follows is fundamental to the New Zealand of today.
189 people drowned in New Zealand's worst maraito]imer disaster. This a fictional story, based on factual events.
Sons of Orpheus is a trilogy. Download the first part, from the link below. $US 2.99 (NZ$ 3.44)
Hard copy will be available at a later date.
The Ebook is available now as a preordered and will auto-load on December 23 to your device. (Times may vary according to Time Zones) Get your Christmas read now. Take it to the beach if you are in NZ, or snuggle up in your favourite chair if you are in the Northern Hemisphere ad immerse yourself in this crucial time in NZ's history. There is a STRONG Aussie connection in this series.

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