Friday, March 2, 2018

Is this how it is going to be?

Should I (We) be a bit concerned? I am in the process of changing my bank. This is because the one I have been with for many years is NOT in Thames. Yeah, I know, one can do what's needed, but sometimes, I like to talk face-to-face with a real person and I wish to be with an NZ owned bank. I contacted the two big banks (Yes, there are other smaller 'bank-like' options) The one I first emailed do not get back to me, which kind of surprised me.
OK, I walked into Kiwi Bank and made an appointment to see a real person. Later that day, I went back ion. The young person who looked after me, spent THRE hours with me, going over all the things I needed to do. I was mightily impressed and if anyone wants to know who she is, just ask. She deserves a medal for her patience and helpful service.
I have to admit to a certain amount of 'change-anxiety,' re this exercise. I don't like changing some of my 'financial or service providers. I am not sure if this is a 'fact-of-life' for people as they get older, but I think I may have been like this, most of my adult life.
Everything was going smoothly. I was in the process of changing my home, contents and car insurance. I spoke to a representative from TOWER insurance and I thought it went well. I was to receive a phone call in a few days, confirming the new arrangements ...but NO..... A few hours after leaving the bank, an Email came telling me that the home insurance was a no go. It seems that my home in Tararu is in a 'Stage 5 Landslide area.' My insurance request was denied. I suppose the car insurance was OK.
Why the hell would I give them my custom for other policies and not the main one?
My house is on the seaward side of Tararu Road, well away from the hills. I wonder what the people on the hill-side of the road would be thinking right now. I suppose I can stay with my current provider, but I would be interested in feedback re my experience, even from insurance agents who think that the representative from Tower is WRONG.
If he is correct, can we expect to hear more stories like this? Is there an issue?

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