Monday, July 24, 2017

Is it true that 'I dream my stories,' for my books? (Coastal Yarns, Roskill, and Talk To Me)

Well yes, and no or ----sort of. I dream and some of those dreams are ---on the edge. You know that state of 'awakeness' and being asleep. It is different for each of us. It is a state that represents me coming out of a deep sleep, a time when I am 'getting it all together,' for a new day. It is a collage of my thinking, my fears, my hopes---a mish mash of my experiences, be they real or those of others.

The stories in Coastal Yarns are snippets of reality, based on real places and fantasy places. Some of the stories are about real events, told to me by unsuspecting 'story tellers' who had no idea that I would take their conversations to stimulate my tales, but who when told, laughed at the partial accurateness of my 're-telling.' Of course I embroidered them and twisted them, to hide identity and to add pleasure in the 'reading.' I had FUN!

Some of them are real and mean a great deal to me. (Mum's Beach, for example) Others are based on a feeling I had at a certain time (Connected) and others represent pure delight, as told in the three linked stories. (Girls' Weekend)
So my dear readers, please enjoy the stories from Coastal Yarns as I release them for free. The responses I am receiving are encouraging me to begin writing again. It may come down to 'Crowd Funding,' because self-publishing is no longer an option, now that I am 'mostly retired. If that doesn't happen, I shall just release future books for free, as I am doing with Coastal Yarns. I cannot stop writing. It makes me feel ALIVE!

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