Saturday, May 20, 2017

There is a day for every occasion, so why not------

I live with someone who thinks that 'life' revolves around her. I have to clean up after her, cook all the meals, entertain her and her friends and believe me---that entails all of the 'in-fighting, gossip and intrigue,' plus the fall-outs!
Don't even think about the shopping---it keeps me broke because she thinks money grows on trees. Yes---it's me who does all the driving while she talks endlessly, expecting me to 'understand' all of her little schemes and plans for 'our' future.
The 'look:' I am sure you all understand that. I get it constantly. One would think I would be immune to it by now. But no---she keeps coming up with new 'looks,' that get under my skin. Yes, I cave in, knowing that she will make my life miserable if I do not attend to her every need.
They say that life is a journey, I agree. That I have had and still have quite a few years left with this little lady, is all good by me. Yes---for those of you similarly inflicted or even---conflicted, with a Jack Russell, you are truly blessed.
Let's start a movement for a special day---'Love Your Jack Russell, Day!' Am I joking?

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