Monday, May 29, 2017

Restorative justice session needed in the hen house!

Today, two new hens came to join my family in Tararu. I introduced them to Super Hen and the girls and left them to it.I figured they would all 'work things out,' whilst Perdy and I went for a walk in the park. When I arrived back home, I headed to the hen pen to see how they were getting on.
My four 'originals' were singing and making much ado about---what? There was much clucking and prancing, but no sign of the two newbies. I entered their inner sanctum and there, in the corner was one frightened hen, ensconced in a alying box. To my horror, one of my girls approached the new hen and stood over her, as if to say--'you are in our house,' so watch your step, you feathery piece of flotsum!'
Then, it hit me. Where was the other new arrival? I searched the enclosure, inside and out, but no----there was no vestige of her presence. She was either a damned good hide-and-seek artist, or she had absconded
I guess it's a waiting game now, to see if she shows her face. I shall take a walk around my sectiion and those nearby, to see if she is hiding. This happened when I first took ownership of the 'originals,' so I am not too concerned. Hell---I haven't even had time to 'bond' with the new girls yet, so the emotional attachment hasn't kicked in.
BUT---come back soon dearest new hen. The others will meet with you for a restorative justice session, so that we can all move on, with no blame stance, or bad feelings. Besides---I need you to start producing. This is after all---about the eggs! Let's all be winners!!!!

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