Monday, February 13, 2017

Reflections from the Coast.

I feel kind of ‘reflective’ today. I don’t know whether it is the grey, closed in weather, or the result of the week suddenly becoming free---no commitments, or anything planned, after yesterday’s important events. I had flashbacks to visiting my parents when they lived in New Plymouth and I remembered the way they spent their days; Dad often out in the garden and Mum going off to the Citizens Advice Bureau for her shift, something I now do in Thames.
It’s not a ‘down’ mood, more a point in time, or a marker on the road for my new journey. It is a reminder that the ‘large person of indeterminate sex,’ has not yet sung! The latter is still figuring out the key of the song and the makeup of the accompanying band.
While I was ambling along, as much as one can when a Jack Russell on a leash is going every which way, except the direction I intended, I was immersed in an ocean of thoughts; not unpleasant ones, or self-doubt about my future, just a gentle caressing of the possibilities as they were playing on the edge of my mind, much like the incoming tide, persistent but not threatening----almost spiritual, yet ‘grounded.’
I projected my musings into the future. Several occurrences in the last twenty-four hours; an interview, with the waiting period before I know the outcome, a couple of emails, that contained elements of hope and the strange ‘find’ on the beach and the ‘giving of that object to a place where it belonged---all combined to ‘feed the moment.’
I guess the sun will come out later, emerging from behind the clouds, presenting ‘life’ in a different hue. I do not want to forget this fleeting moment. Indeed, I hope to hold it for a while, to give me an understanding of where I have been and a direction for the future.
All is well.

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