Monday, February 20, 2017

Coastal contentment.

A day can bring much in the way of failed dreams or at the other end of the scale---new or enhanced opportunities. Today was such a day.
Once I had resolved the various issues for the day around household and garden matters, I sat down to a simple repast of tuna sandwiches and grapes from the garden. Then I received the 'phone call' from an organisation that I had applied to for some extra work. I was not successful. I had been forewarned last week that my experience was not a strong match for the requirements of the position. I was a little disappointed, but also partly relieved. I had been going over my plans for the year, during the day and one of those involved setting myself up, albeit in a very small manner, in opposition to the provider who decided that they did not want me 'at this time.' I told them that and I was encouraged to let them know if it worked out for me and that they 'could reconsider' my position. Why would I do that, if I was building a future that involved just myself rather than working for a large organisation?
As soon as I put the phone down, I received an email from another isnsitution; one where I already work; one that I love working for, asking me to come and meet some prospective clients increasing my workload to the point that I am satisfied.
Balance was immediately restored and I felt a sense of contentment. I love my Mondays in Auckland with the clients I see. I like the people who I liaise with re my clients.
On my walk this evening with Perdy I sat on a beautiful rock, looking across the Firth of Thames. I had a sense that my cup was comfortably full----not overflowing, but why seek more than is needed; it just dissipates in the sand.
The sun will come up tomorrow and I will go about my day, giving and receiving. Balance on the Coast. Balance in my life.

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