Sunday, January 29, 2017

I thought 'Mccarthyism' was bad---and then came Trumpence!

The witch hunts of the Mccarthyism era was bad. The damage to the USA and a ny expression of thought that 'leaned towards the left,' that free expression was stamped on, that people  lost their jobs, was an era that had been consigned to and unfortunate period in American history. I had thought  history teaches us the errors that politicians and 'others' inflict io us, will not be repeated. Sadly--I am wrong!

The events of the last year, culminating in the election of Trump and his henchmen, are shown us that 'people do not learn from the past.' How this came about is going to be examined, studied and discussed for many years to come, while the focus of this debate undoes much that is good about the USA. That he can undo the right of USA's most vulnerable citizens to have access to adequate health care is just one of the mnay 'unravelings' he has started and will no doubt continue. That he can stomp on the rights of women to make decisions about their own bodies, that he returns the USA to a time when 'isolationism' ruled, probably resulting in in a World War, has been totally lost on the American voters.

The latter have been misled, lied to, manipulated (by more than just Trump forces) and it must  be said---they have 'let this all happen,' by not being involved in the political process, by mistaking false news for relaity and by ignoring that which was patently clear about the person they were about to elect to the USA's highest office.

We are now witnessing the dawn of a sad new era in  world history. It seems that each day brings us yet more incredulous news about the utterings of a 'certifiable' sick man and the imposition of  his 'Executive Rulings.'

Sure, we will also see a reaction from within his own party, from his 'former allies,' but in the meantime, he damaging Americans and ultimately the world. That it is happening so fast, is in a sense the reason  that any opposition can not keep up---yet, but 'his time' will end, and people will realize that he is a 'destroyer,' in every sense of the word. By then, however, much damage will be done and by the time he is 'forced' from office, there will be a 'Field of Sorrow,' that generations to come will ask---'How did YOU let this happen?'

Mccarthyism is looking like a shadow of what we are seeing now!

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