Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What the F are you up to Israel?!

Take a look at the figures today. They supposedly represent the number of hits on my blog page for one day. Normally I get about 50 for the day unless it's a particularly 'good day.' Every so often, maybe about once in six months I see something like this---a huge number of hits from Israel. I have tried to contact Google to see if they can throw some light on this weird phenomenon. but they never respond. I am concerned that my blog page is being used for nefarious purposes! I am not over reacting--I am being circumspect---why would this huge number occur---surely if the numbers were genuine, I would see a knock-on effect re sales of my books or downloads from Amazon, because there is a direct link to my website---the original reason for me setting up the blog---to re-direct traffic to my website to sell my books. What then is the purpose of these 'hits?' Could someone please suggest (yeah I know---there will be some 'comical replies from my dear friends---you are in my sights fools---lol) but I really need to get to the bottom of these events. In the meantime---please go and download my books so I can fund some new 'stories!' Entry Pageviews Israel 2106 New Zealand 22 Russia 20 United States

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