Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Coast unleashed a furry last night!

The Coast has been responsible for a return to good health for me since joining the friendly inhabitants down here. I love the vistas, the feeling one gets whilst walking along nearby beaches and bush roads, all close to where we live. Then, there are the rocks I have started collecting and polishing in a tumbler. I can't wait for the first batch to be processed---it only takes month! Patience, dear boy, I say to myself. Now---lets visit a fact of life here on the Coast. We live beneath beautiful mountain range---a rain forest i gues. Last night we were reminded of that fact. Yes, much of northern New Zealand was probably in the same position---we were visited by copious amounts of rain. I came---it poured down the driveway. We had been warned that the manner in which the road is constructed, it can cause issues on our drive. You guess it---it kept coming and coming---right into our garage. It has happened before, but this time, it decided to give the garage a bloody good wash-out! Thank goodness we had spent the better part of the afternoon, yesterday, moving thins around and taking stuff inside. BUT---the water managed to make it all the way to the back of the garage. Some books were damaged and for a while, I thought our big stereo, which we are going to sell, because it is too damn big for out lounge, would have copped it. Nope! The box was dry and the way I had packed it meant that only the manual was on the bottom and even that seems OK. Buggered if i know how it stayed dry. OK---where to from here? I shall visit the Council tomorrow to see what they suggest, given that the water comes off the road and the side drains seem unable to cope. Somehow, I suspect that that option has already been explored by the previous owners. The solution will possibly be in creating a barrier/diversion and a sump hole. We shall also sore things on pallets, because the water never exceeds about an inch at most, so it's not the end of the world, just bloody annoying. Please come out sun! Oh well, I think that's the end of dancing for the Rain Gods, for a while.

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