Friday, July 8, 2016

Perdy went to Mars today!

I was inevitable---yes I have finally flipped---gone to the 'other side,' gone crackers! It had to come to this---from a simple 'observation from afar,' I have crossed the bridge----yeah--that bridge to nowhere! Call it Erewhon if you must, but today was a special day. Yes, whilst at the doggie walk venue, with Perdy, I espied a delight to behold: a giant apparition that seemed transfixed---returning the gaze that Perdy had sent its way. The brown glorious creature was a huge Poodle and it was running free----remember, Perdy has not been allowed off-leash since her various escapades around the township if Thames. I continued to walk along the pathway, the one that overlooks the mangroves. Just before we crossed to the area behind the big supermarket, the huge dog ran up to Perdy. Yes---all the sniff-greets ensued, followed by Perdy bursting to the length of her restraints, exhibiting that famous--'lets run mate,' behaviour. 'Let him go mate,' the guy implored. 'She will just piss off across the field and chase all the cats,' I returned in that gently correcting manner I have perfected when someone mistakes Perdy for a bloke. 'I've got treats' he returned and that was all i needed. I crossed my fingers, and steeled myself for a major chase if things didn't go to plan.Never believe anyone if they try to tell you that dogs don't smile----they fecking do! It was all on. The two dogs chased one another, they flipped, nudged at speed and even though there was a massive difference in size, Perdy led the way. It was bedlam, warmed up on toast, served with a dripping pleasure that just warms the faulty cockles of my heart. The term, 'flat out,' accurately describes the vision that flashed passed us as one or the other chased, then reversed thrust, transversing the field and disappearing into the distance. THEY CAME BACK! The guy offered Perdy a morsel of cooked chicken and she sat mildly as i out her lead on. 'You did well girl,' I said proudly. If only she can repeat the experience and avoid the crazy dashes to freedom that could go so wrong. The secret is to have a dog she can play with and treats to bribe.Life will be less stressful and Perdy will get those runs she so needs to keep her sane! Mars----Perdy did go to Mars---Mars was and is the beautiful huge brown Poodle!

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