Monday, January 11, 2016

Oh you naughty little Hyundai I20-----well I never!

Several months ago, I purchased my first ever new car; nothing pretentious, over-the-top or expensive. I settled for a smaller end car, with an engine size that 'would not get me into trouble'---a Hyundai I.20. My previous car was something similar, also a Hyundai, a Getz. An issue I had with the older car was that when I traveled in a 50kl speed zone, the damn thing never quite knew what gear to inhabit, hence the constant gear changing (we are talking 'auto' of course) and attendant frustration. I am sure there is a technical term for this. I was often to be seen traveling at either above or below the limit. I guess you are wondering why I would ever buy what is essentially a newer version of the same car. Well, that happened when I took the older one in for a some maintenance (I must say that the Gezt was incredibly reliable and I had very few complaints) which necessitated driving a 'new' I.20 courtesy car. I was sold---the difference was huge---more power and so much smoother, especially at that pesky 50kl limit. That was all six months ago and I have to say that I have been very pleased with the new model. It has proven to be so much less frustrating in that 'speed zone.' TODAY, I was given a reminder that one still has to pay attention to the speed at which one travels: Yes, I received a 'gift' in the mail. Yes---I was back to my old tricks---letting the speed creep up! I am sure you are all aware that over the Xmas period, there has been 'zero tolerance' re speeding- There is a 4 kl gap. Today I learned that on December the 18th, I indeed transgressed and now I must pay the price. I was doing 55kls down Dominion Rd and was the recipient of a $30 speeding ticket. Oh, woe is me! I must not trust the faithfulness of my little saphire blue I.20. In the end, it is over to me--to maintain the correct speed. As I wrote this blog, I was watching 'Motorway Patrol,' and I meekly submit that my crimes are minimal when compared; when I recall some of the speeds those twerps were attempting. I plead guilty, nevertheless! Oh little Hyundai---protect me from---myself.

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