Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump is really Democrat in DRAG!

One really has to wonder what Donald's real plan is. Surely he does not believe that he can attract enough 'red neck' followers; the ones who believe his utterances about Muslims, gays, women and any group that experiences marginalization in USA society. It seems that not a day goes by without (Add mass shootings to the list)another 'TRUMP announcement.' What is so 'telling' though is that he is still riding high in the polls. Are Americans really that narrow, that racist or to be really blunt---ignorant?! I do not believe that they are. What Trump is doing, is to play to the fears that many of us have and then adds his own vitriol, misguided opinion and draws in those who know no better. There is always a tiny bit of 'fact' in his announcements and when the media takes hold of his shenanigans, it is open slather re his 'coverage.' o-----Donald secretly desires a Democrat win in the Presidential elections. He is trying to split the GOP ---to the point that his candidacy is no longer viable and then---viola---he announces that he will run as an 'INDEPENDANT!' What will that do---he will steal enough votes---mainly from the GOP, but some from the Democrats, but the result will be, a Democrat win. Well---that's my fantastical take. Go figure. Can't wait to see my wonderful, thinking American friends respond!

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