Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What is the real situation in Ukraine?

Ukraine represents an enigma: Who is to blame for the deaths of so many innocent civilians? Who is behind the fighting and supplying the weapons to the incumbents? From the Ukrainian Government’s point of view, no doubt we would hear accusations that Russia is both encouraging the ‘separatists’ and supply weapons. The USA and Ukrainian Governments claim to have proof that this is so; indeed that Russian ‘regulars’ are fighting in disguise for the ‘rebels.’ ON the other hand, Russia and the ‘freedom fighters’ would say that the Kiev Government is corrupt and is supported by Fascists factions. Note my labels---ones that are based on conjecture. I do not claim to know the truth; I can merely repeat the word of others! Ukraine as represented by the borders pre-crisis, is a complicated country, comprising many different factions, both politically and regional. That they cannot form a government of unity, supported by the majority of lectors is at the rood of some of this violence. If it were not for the ‘intrusion’ of others, namely the West (EU) and Russia, perhaps they could settle their issues, but I suspect that such a wish is rather naïve, given the long history of Ukraine, from the Czarists and USSR times through to the present. Ukraine is at least divided between those who look east and those who favour the ‘west.’ If you add in the diverse groups within the country and the support coming from ‘outside’ for those groups, throw in the aspirations of Mr Putin to reclaim the ‘glory of the former USSR, place that alongside EU and USA policies, then you have a new ‘Cold War.’ Little wonder that local forces in the east of the country have little difficulty in garnering support for their cause. Many countries in Europe have historically had ever-changing borders; is this not an extension of that ‘past?’ Big powers following their own interests simply complicate that process. It always has and always will be the case. The problem is---as per usual---the people in the middle---the little people---the ordinary citizens become the victims of the power plays of those who would ‘wish to lead.’ In the meantime, our screens are filled with the suffering of the people on the ground, who are unlucky enough to be in the pathway of these power games!

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