Monday, January 12, 2015

US Central Command's Twitter account hacked. Makes one feel confident.

So an ISIS Hacker or someone close to them was able to hack into the Twitter account of the US Central Command. OK, I am not sure as to what that august body actually does but it does bring up the question that if such an attack occurred, what the hell else are these groups able to do? Are they also capable of 'entering' really sensitive military industrial complex sites and wreck havoc on a scale we have never seen before and enact pathways that are truly dangerous. I am sure there will be many who have a rather wry expression on their faces as they think only of the 'embarrassment' that the said actions have caused and have not thought through just how serious the ramifications are, so hate filled are they re anything to do with the USA. If the proverbial shite hits the fan, they too will suffer as yet more bombs, suicides 'going to heaven' actions are perpetrated in the name of 'religion.' I do not trust the 'targets' of the actions of these attacks to any degree that leaves me feeling comfortable, but I feel a dread as to what the hackers and their backers are possibly capable of. The 'skills' needed by them are no longer 'owned by the forces they oppose; indeed even the Kingdom of the Dear Leader has the skills to play the game as it now exists. There is no longer a Nuclear Umbrella to hide under, no certainty that vast military assets will keep a nation safe. The 'playing field is not only on a more level basis but totally unpredictable expect in the fact that 'all bets are off!' Extremism in all of its forms will be the winner! It will take more than 'millions on the streets of the family of nations,to bring about real change.

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