Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Lizard Cafe in Whatawhata--a good place to stop.

New Zealand's 'café scene' is no longer the realm of the cities and tourists areas. It seems every small town or village can boast a reasonable café these days and about time! If you are off on a trip to the 'out of town' places and you feel like a 'hit of caffeine,' then give in to it and find a nice place to take a break. Get out of the traffic and help to reduce that road toll. We don't need more deaths so take that break. If you happen to be driving towards Raglan or places further south, then why not make that place The Lizard Café in Whatawhata. The blokes there are friendly and make a nice coffee. Explore just beyond the back door and you will find a lovely secluded and shaded garden area. It used to be the Garden Bar I suspect, but it makes for a very pleasant space where you can smoke if you so desire or let the kids stretch out. Better ask the owner first though! I didn't eat but one can get a good breakfast and the counter food is fine. I hope that we as Kiwis and you very welcome tourists take advantage of these 'hospitable places.' You will be pleased and feel like continuing your journey. Just be careful of that huge 'Lizard' in the entrance. I suspect it is from the 'Island of Dragons' in Indonesia!

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