Saturday, December 6, 2014

South Korea---glad to see you back!

I have missed seeing South Korea in my reading list. You were amongst my most avid readers, then you disappeared. It's not as if I was writing hard-hitting blogs about you---no, I reserved that for the 'Dear Leader' to the north. SK is one of my favourite countries and proof of that can be found in my purchases. I love my Samsung phone and TV and my car is a Hyundai. Yes, I would love to visit SK---not so sure about your neighbour of course! Now---how about you purchasing from NZ---my book, ROSKILL. It is a hard hitting story of what can happen when a parent 'does what he tells his children not to do! Just follow the links from my website and either order the hard-copy or the EBook version. Please share this post with your friends and 'like my ROSKILL page on Face Book.

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