Monday, December 22, 2014

North Korea is 'totally outaged!' Wonder why.

There are reports on BBC and other news outlets that North Korea is experiencing a total outage re internet access. This comes just days after the USA, Obama in particular, warned that there would be 'a response,' as a consequence of the USA's belief that NK was responsible for the attack on Sony. Now it seems that the USA has struck back and anyone thinking that they are not capable of delivering a telling blow is indeed deluded! Now it is a matter of how serious this 'attack' is, whether it is a sign that 'wars' are going to be taken to the Net in ways we cannot imagine, or if is just a 'warning to NK' to back off with its threats to seriously attack the USA and others. China must be watching this with intense interest as in many ways it still sees NK as an ally. I am sure that many will see this as the USA once again 'bullying ' a smaller nation, but it must also be said that NK has put itself in a position where it has become a target. Very few nations would line up behind the 'mad leader' in his efforts to 'punish the USA!' Hell, even Cuba is going about major changes as relations between it and the USA are approaching the 'norm' that should exist between neighbours. It is the unpredictability of NK's reactions that is most worrying and the possibility of a nervous China entering the 'fray.' Maybe Putin will use this as an excuse to launch further 'foreign adventures.' Maybe the USA will also chose to settle some old scores with other nations. What is right or wrong is a quality that is much to the fore for debate. Reactions will be governed by the 'world view' of nation states and those power groups that control them. We are in for a 'torrid time!'

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