Monday, December 22, 2014

Meth (P) haul again at Auckland Airport!

Here we go again! More misery brought into NZ, to go out to our streets and bars, to destroy peoples' lives. The police are doing a great job to try to lessen the effect of this insidious drug. What would you do if a member of your family entered this 'dark world?' Who would you turn to for help? What lengths would you go to, to 'win back' your loved one? Read about my 'take' on this twilight world in my book, ROSKILL. Go to ( and follow the links. You can also get one from me at ( Check out my ROSKILL by Neil Coleman FB page and watch the TV1 interview about my book.
Auckland International Airport Ltd Auckland Region ... Crime NZ Customs Service NZ Police Taiwan Photo / Thinkstock Photo / Thinkstock A drug haul valued at $22 million has been intercepted at Auckland Airport, in the second biggest border seizure in New Zealand's history. Police and Customs intercepted 22.6kg of methamphetamine hidden in the cargo of an international flight from Taiwan. Detective Senior Sergeant Colin Parmenter from the Organised and Financial Crime Agency of New Zealand said the seizure which was code-named Operation Georgie took place on December 5.

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