Monday, December 29, 2014

Mexico is about to sell the 'Crown Jewels!'

It is sad to see yet another country go down the pathway that New Zealand and many other countries have journeyed. I mean the 'let's sell our State Assets in order to get our economy on a better footing,' brigade. That often equates to a narrow group of investors becoming even richer while the people at the bottom get nothing. It also transfers important, strategic assets into the hands of 'oligarchs' and friends of the government. Such processes are little short of corruption and do not in the long run make any difference to the economic performance of the country. Now, Mexico is joining this 'elite club' of countries that sell off assets that belong to the people. Sure there are issues in the Mexican economy, not the least being the battle between the 'drug lords' and the Mexican people. Sometimes it looks like those at the top, in government are part of the problem, certainly at the regional level. In the future, Mexico will regret having sold these important assets and it will join the list of nations who have passed much of their wealth into the hands of a small group of internationally connected groups. Governments are becoming 'less so' and the elites are gradually concentrating wealth and power to the point that they supersede the power of 'Governments. Maybe it is time for the 'worm to turn!

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